Certain symbols span the ages and cultures, becoming widely known and beloved. Celtic symbols are intrinsically intertwined in our human history, making them recognized and revered by people around the globe. One doesn’t have to have Irish or Celtic heritage to feel connected to these symbols as they simply speak to us all.
Ancient Celtic symbolism can be found throughout the centuries, spanning pagan origins of old and incorporated into Christian culture today. You will find many of these symbols in places such as churches and ancient monuments and adorning modern fashion and design products.
While you may love the look of Celtic symbols on products such as jewelry, accessories, and art, you may not know their meanings. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular Celtic symbols used today and the implications they carry.
The Triquetra Or Trinity Knot
The Triquetra, or trinity knot, is comprised of three interlacing arcs. In Latin, the meaning of a triquetra is ‘three-cornered One of the best-known Celtic symbols, the Triquetra, dates as far back as the Iron Age around 4th century BC. This symbol was typically used in medieval manuscripts, ornamental design, and architecture. .’
Historically representing the neopagan goddess as a mother (creation), maiden (innocence), and crone (wisdom), for some Celts, it also meant the forces of nature being Earty, Water, and Fire. Modern interpretations of the Triquetra are that of eternal love, and as a gift, conveys a wish for longevity.
The Celtic Tree Of Life
Widely used today on popular items like jewelry and artwork, the Celtic Tree of Life was believed to possess special powers. To Celts, it symbolized long life, strength, and wisdom. It also represents harmony and balance, rebirth, and the seasonal changes of life.
The Tree of Life connects Earth’s plane to the upper and lower worlds, symbolizing the forces of nature coming together in harmony and balance.
The Celtic Cross
Perhaps the most beloved of the Celtic symbols today, the Celtic Cross predates Christianity and is believed to be a symbolic compass. This cross represents the four cardinal directions of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and the Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul.
The Celtic Cross symbolizes strength, knowledge, and compassion, while its central ring represents God’s infinite love by depicting the halo of Christ.
Celtic Symbols Used In Modern Products
These three Celtic symbols are most commonly used in modern products of today. While many Celtic symbols remain popular, the Triquetra, the Tree of Life, and the Celtic Cross are among the most widely recognized for their meanings and symbolism.