What do you think of when you hear the word "Celtic?"

For most, it brings up memories of traditional music, literature, and art from Scotland and Ireland. However, the ancient Celts were a group of people who were located all across central Europe, which means even within this group, there were many unique characteristics and traits based on their specific location.

If you are interested in Celtic history, you are in the right place. Here you can learn more about Celtic history and some interesting facts you may have never heard in the past.

Celts Made Up the Largest Population in Ancient Europe

Called the Celts, this ancient culture extended beyond just the British Isles. In fact, they had territory that stretched from the Black Sea to Spain. In fact, the Celts made up the largest population of people to inhabit the region of central Europe.

One of the challenges related to understanding and tracing the Celts' history is that no ancient people from Central or Western Europe actually referred to themselves as Celts. Instead, the name came from the Greeks, who first contacted this so-called "barbarian" people on France's Southern coast in 540 B.C. and referred to them as Keltoi. It's worth noting that the ancient Celts were not ever an empire or a single kingdom. Instead, they were made up of various tribal chiefdoms that had a similar culture and distinct language.

The Celtic People Were Considered "Barbaric Warriors"

The Celtic People do not have a written history. Because of this, the records of this group of people came from who they battled. At one point, the Greeks battled the Celts and later the Romans.

It is unclear to historians why Greek people called this group the Keltoi. While this is true, the name seemed to stick, and Celts earned a reputation throughout Greece as hard-fighting and drinking barbarians. Many Celtic warriors battled in the nude. They were also prized mercenaries throughout the region.

Some History Has Been Found in Ancient Celtic Burial Mounds

While others considered the Celtic people to be savages, this simply isn't the case. The intricate jewelry and metalwork found in burial mounds and Celtic hill forts throughout Europe showed their abilities. Burials were extravagant and luxurious. Experts say that Celtic people believed in having everything available for you in the afterlife, which is why so many artifacts have been found in these burial mounds.

Celts Were the First Pants Wearers in Europe

Ancient Celts were famous for many things, including the colorful wool textiles they wore. Because of what has been found in burial mounds and in other locations, some historians believe that the Celts were the very first people in Europe to wear pants, which may have been where they were derived.

As you can see, the Celtic people have a rich and interesting history. If you are interested in these people, the information here should prove interesting. It gives you a bit of insight into the life of these people and their history.