People around the world consume millions of gallons of beer, whiskey and wine each year. For most people, sitting down with a tall glass of their favorite brew is something they do to relax and unwind. If you are looking for a way to add more enjoyment to the drinking experience, then investing in quality drinkware is a must. For centuries, people from around the world have consumed beverages of all kinds from pewter tankards. 
At Celticness, we sell tankards made from British pewter, which is known as one of the highest quality pewters in the world. If you are curious about the history of these tankards and how to maintain them, you’ve come to the right place. 
How Pewter Tankards Are Constructed
Pewter is a metal alloy that contains mostly tin. Over the years, this metal alloy has been mainly used to construct drinkware and tableware. Southern England is one of the most tin-rich parts of the world. The mines located in this part of the world were viewed as extremely valuable, which is why the Romans decided to invaded Britain around 1 AD. 
The professionals who craft raw tin into pewter works of art are known as whitesmiths. These whitesmiths use a variety of techniques to bring their tankard design ideas to life. One of the most time-consuming methods used to make pewter tankards is casting. This process involves pouring of molten pewter into a cast. Once the metal cools, the whitesmith removes and refines their tankard before sending it out. 
Spinning is also another popular method used to construct pewter tankards. This process involves the use of a metal lathe and a thick disc made from pewter. The whitesmith uses the lathe and special metal shaving tools to construct solid and elegant tankards. 
The Benefits of Using Pewter To Construct Tankards
One of the main reasons why pewter has been to construct tankards for centuries is due to its durability and appeal. Modern pewter is lead-free, which means it is safe to drink from. Not only are pewter tankards durable, they also won’t tarnish like other white metals, namely silver. While there are a number of tankard manufacturers that use stainless steel, this metal is easily scratched. Stainless steel also allows residue to build up, which can affect the taste of your drink. This is why opting for pewter tankards is a wise move. 
Maintaining Your Pewter Tankards
Pewter tankards are a great investment for people who want a low-maintenance drinkware option. The only thing you need to remember about maintaining pewter is that it has to be hand-washed. You can use standard dishwashing liquid for this cleaning, but be careful about the type of towel you use to dry your tankard. Ideally, you want to use a soft cloth to avoid scuffing the tankard.
Now that you know about the benefits of pewter tankards, it’s time to purchase one of your own. Celticness has a variety of pewter drinkware that you are sure to love.